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Mevotech Company Overview

Mevotech occupies a very unique position among chassis suppliers today. While a portion of the business has shifted to a lower cost OE replacement style part, the biggest portion of the chassis market (75%) still prefers a professional quality product that is an upgrade over the OE designs in use today. Additionally, the shift to unitized control arms is changing the type of part that will be sold in the very near future in a significant way.

Mevotech maintains control over product design and owns their own tooling, which very few other suppliers do anymore and of which virtually none of the imported programs do.  Mevotech designs chassis parts with the features that professional installers are looking for but having an increasingly hard time finding. Greaseable, serviceable ball joints and tie rod ends,  oversize ball studs with grease channels, polyurethane bushings and boots on stabilizers, ball joints, tie rod ends, and control arms. XFactor™ improved designs. TTX Severe Duty Ball Joints.  The best, quickest, and most informative application web site in the business (

Committed to first to market coverage, Mevotech has surpassed all other industry players in coverage on control arms and stabilizers, the two greatest growth area’s of the category. Superior coverage on import vehicles and late model applications in all sub-categories. Mevotech has the products that offer the installer the features that they want at a price level that allows them to sell the job and compete.

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